Project Description


Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant – Lime Tower


RH Precision Unmanned INC. had the pleasure of working with one of Ottawa’s best engineering firms at one of The City of Ottawa’s Water Purification Plants. Located at Lemieux Island on the Ottawa River, the water purification plant is one of the City’s critical assets. Our firm was tasked with aiding in the inspection and assessment of the lime tower at the facility so that asset management strategies could be developed and administered. Flights were completed in 1 day and data was captured of each elevation, along with the roofing system. Hundreds of image were captured and processed into 2D orthomosaic images for easy integration into the assessment workflow. RH Precision Unmanned INC. was fortunate to be able to collaborate with Mr. Matt Jaynes, Partner and Manager of Building Sciences, to meet project requirements.

Data Processing

Once data capture was complete, RH Precision Unmanned INC. was responsible for generating 2D orthomosaic images of each elevation of the tower. By having each elevation processed individually, and organized with the corresponding raw images, Cleland Jardine was able to efficiently identify deficiencies in the building system through multiple layers of data.


The team at Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd. have worked with RH Precision Unmanned (RHP) on several projects over the years, including at a heritage brick masonry tower with extremely difficult access requirements. Previously inaccessible areas of cladding were professionally captured via drone photography to create highly detailed 2D orthoplane images, allowing our team to accurately map and track deterioration to develop targeted repair strategies for the client.

The level of detail provided by RHP is unmatched, allowing our team to easily and accurately observe masonry cracking, mortar joint washout, and sheet metal roofing failures on elevations that would otherwise have required extensive scaffolding to provide arms-length access.

— Andy Sharpe P.Eng, Building Specialist

Data Sets

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