Project Description


Justice Building Recapitalization Project (IR + RGB ORTHO)


RH Precision Unmanned INC. was very fortunate to continue the ongoing working relationship with PCL-ED and was tasked to complete one of the most comprehensive drone scans of a federal asset to date. Our firm was contracted to execute both RGB and IR (thermal) scanning of all elevations and roofing systems, as well as process these data sets into 2D orthomosaic outputs. Operations were conducted both during the day and at night in order to optimize environmental conditions for both infrared and digital processing. By capturing both IR and RGB data sets, PCL-ED and their respective clients were able to incorporate the processed outputs into the BIM workflow. For this project, RH Precision Unmanned INC. worked directly with Mr. Stan Cheer, a Senior Program Leader at PCL-ED and Mr. Luc Deslauriers, a Construction Manager with PCL-ED, to ensure that flights were conducted safely and within regulatory requirements.

Data Processing

Once data capture was complete, RH Precision Unmanned INC. was responsible for generating 2D orthomosaic images (both IR and RGB) of all elevations. By accessing both RGB and IR processed outputs, architects, engineers and stakeholders are able to assess the building envelope systems more efficiently and at a reduced cost. Over 7500 images were processed through photogrammetry software to meet project requirements.

Data Sets

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