Project Description


Centre Block (BIM + Aerial Mapping)


RH Precision Unmanned INC. has been fortunate enough to be a part of the Centre Block rehabilitation project for the last few years. PCL/ED, a joint venture – construction manager of the rehabilitation project – hired us to supplement the traditional inspection workflows of all elements of the exterior envelope. Since then, we executed many flight operations to scan the exterior elevations of Centre Block and the Library of Parliament, and to capture topographic data of Parliament Hill. RH Precision Unmanned INC. conducted elevation scanning prior to the commencement of remediation and rehabilitation of the masonry systems under the guidance of the lead conservator, Mr. David Edgar.

Operating on such a dynamic construction site required extensive collaboration with stakeholders, contractors and federal government agencies to ensure that regulatory and security requirements were met, and all operations were executed efficiently.

Data Processing

Once data capture was complete, RH Precision Unmanned INC. was responsible for generating a registered point cloud (3D) with the incorporation of the topographic mapping data, as well as 2D orthomosaic images of all elevations. We collaborated with the CENTRUS joint venture team, the architecture and engineering conglomerate overseeing that aspect of the rehabilitation of Centre Block, and worked directly with Mr. Tim Barnes, a Senior BIM and Visualization Specialist, to ensure that data sets met strict project requirements.


PCL/ED, a joint venture, worked with RH Precision Unmanned Inc. on the Centre Block Rehabilitation Project, Ottawa. As the Lead Conservation Manager for the project, I am interested in ways to integrate innovative technologies with traditional conservation processes. Visual masonry conservation surveys and condition assessments are typically carried out in person, requiring the provision of access for various heritage conservation specialists, which can result in a costly and time-consuming process.

RH Precision Unmanned worked with the heritage team at PCL/ED, a joint venture, and the Consultant to understand the level of detail required to be captured in a drone survey. We were able to provide an extremely high quality and high-resolution output which permitted our heritage specialists to complete most of the survey and condition assessment as a desktop exercise. In addition, the survey by drone permitted a targeted and efficient approach to tactile surveys required on site – instead of providing access for an entire building envelope, we were able to pinpoint the areas that actually needed physical in-person inspections; this service saved the project time and money.

I was hugely impressed with the knowledge and expertise brought to the site by RH Precision Unmanned INC., ranging from pre-flight planning, to flight operations and post processing. RH’s involvement was integral to the success of the heritage materials condition assessment process.

I am pleased with the work performed by RH Precision Unmanned INC. and would strongly recommend this company as the drone capture specialist for building envelope investigations.

— David Edgar, Lead Conservation Manager


Fig. 1 Point Cloud from mesh (drone data)

Fig. 2 Orthophoto from mesh (drone data)


RHPrecision Unmanned (RHP) has been integral to our data capture collection of the exterior of Centre Block. The usage of drone photography was used to create a photogrammetric mesh which is then used for workflows such as point clouds, orthophotos, visualization.

Using RHP ensured the safety of our data capture team, saving them from having to access highly dangerous areas such as sloped roofs, exterior walls, etc. Their data collection was well planned, executed and communicated through the CENTRUS team (a joint venture of WSP, HOK and Architecture 49) as well as the construction management team (PCL-ED).

RHP’s deliverables and effort exceeded expectations and I would be happy to use them in the future for any other drone needs.

— Tim Barnes, Senior BIM and Visualization Specialist

Data Sets

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